Are you ready for your next marketing event?

  1. Daubenmires Marketing Event Flyer Fall 2017

To make the impact you desire, you need to grab your prospect’s attention!

To be sure you’re ready to make that impact happen, use the following list to plan for your next event.
Daubenmire Printing Innovations can provide anything that has an * by it

  • Business Cards*
  • Rack Cards*
  • Brochures*
  • Notepads*
  • Banners/Signs*
  • Table Cloth
  • Name Tags*

Promotional items to give away:

  • Gift Cards
  • Pens/Pencils*
  • Lip Balm*
  • Magnets/Magnetic Clips*
  • Hand Sanitizer*
  • Sunscreen*
  • Hand Fans*
  • Bags*
  • Key Chains *
  • Water Bottles*
  • Frisbees*
  • Stress Balls*
  • Coasters*

Contact Daubenmire Printing Innovations for assistance with your
marketing event preparations!

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