2018 Mouse Pad Calendars

mouse-pad-calendarEach of these mouse pad calendars come in both weekly and monthly options and are padded on three sides to keep from dog-earing as you use your mouse. Dimensions are 8.5”X7.25”. The weekly pads have 26 sheets in each pad. The monthly pads have 12 monthly sheets and 14 lined sheets in back to use as a notepad at the end of the year.

Printed on Medium-weight white paper, and padded on 3 sides with a non-slip backing.


10Mouse Pad Calendars10.95
25Mouse Pad Calendars8.05
50Mouse Pad Calendars7.15
75Mouse Pad Calendars6.85
100Mouse Pad Calendars6.65
150Mouse Pad Calendars6.15

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